‘Forgot he was even there’: Jamie O’Hara says £15m Tottenham player has just been ‘different class’ this term

While adamant that the left-back has been of a higher caliber for Spurs, Jamie O’Hara has acknowledged completely forgetting that Destiny Udogie was even on the Tottenham Hotspur roster before to this season.

Following Ange Postecoglou’s team’s 2-0 victory at Bournemouth, which momentarily moved Tottenham to the top of the Premier League, O’Hara was speaking on talkSPORT.

Destiny Udogie has quickly cemented his position as Postecoglou’s top pick for the left-back position. Of course, the 20-year-old joined Tottenham in the summer of 2017 but spent the previous campaign on loan at Udinese.

Fans must have worried that Spurs would come to regret spending that £15 million on the player that year. He joined a totally different management group.

O’Hara amazed by Udogie form for Tottenham

In actuality, Udogie has appeared menacing in Postecoglou’s system. He hasn’t had much trouble adjusting to the part the Australian wants him to play, for sure.

And Udogie was instrumental in securing the victory on Saturday. He used his persistence to flick the ball across to the Swede, setting up Dejan Kulusevski for the second goal.

The level Udogie could achieve if he keeps getting better is already terrifying to consider. O’Hara considers himself to be among Tottenham’s top players in that position in recent memory.

“I completely forgot this Udogie was even there. Last year, we loaned him out. He has been of a distinct caliber, the man told talkSPORT.

He’s the best left-back we’ve had, in my opinion, since Danny Rose. Additionally, Danny Rose was a fantastic player for us.

Udogie will have a lot to live up to if she wants to match Rose’s accomplishments. The Englishman’s stint at Tottenham obviously came to an unsatisfactory end. Additionally, his career has never fully recovered.

Rose and Kyle Walker, however, were perhaps the best full-back pairing in the nation for a while when they played for Tottenham.

That sets a very high standard. But it’s safe to say that most Spurs supporters will concur that Udogie may be the greatest choice the team has had in that situation in a while.

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