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Finance Expert shares Leeds United takeover news after latest update

Finance Expert shares Leeds United takeover news after latest update

We’re delighted to welcome football finance expert Dr Daniel Plumley as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Leeds United…

Dan Plumley has insisted that despite the 49ers Enterprises having everything lined up, takeovers still take time as the wait for completion drags on.

The 49ers reached a full agreement with Andrea Radrizzani almost a month ago on 9 June, but the EFL are yet to confirm the takeover as fully complete.

Plumley admitted that takeovers do take time, and that the long wait is not yet unusual with Paraag Marathe said to be happy with all the paperwork involved.

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“These things do take time, that is normal even if things appear that everything is lined up,” he exclusively told MOT Leeds News.

“We’ve said this for a while now with this deal, it has been in play, we knew the parameters of it, we knew the checkpoints, we knew timings and that a lot was riding on Premier League status, although the takeover is still

Even when deals are really firmed up and in place, it still takes time. You’ve got to deal with the EFL, you’ve got to go through the checks and procedures, so it’s not unusual for it to drag on a little bit longer.

“From the outside looking in, we don’t see an untoward there, these things just time. Even when they are down the track, they are still very complex takeovers and everything has to be formalised so that is probably what we are waiting on.”

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With the Championship season now officially less than one month away, hopefully, confirmation can arrive this week to allow the 49ers a few weeks of transfer action.

Of course, this doesn’t stop it but bringing Radrizzani into the mix still just makes things complicated, and the sooner he is out of the picture completely, the better.


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