‘Eyes wide open’ – Club eyeing up Aston Villa’s Emery after manager’s ‘prodigious comeback’ this season

Despite winning the Serie A championship with Napoli, Luciano Spalletti made the decision to part ways, and he did so on the highest possible note.


The issue is that this has left the Italian team with a large void to fill. According to Il Mattino and Tutto Napoli, Unai Emery of Aston Villa is on the shortlist.

Now, we know that’s not what you want to hear, but can you really blame them?

After all, during his brief tenure as Aston Villa’s manager, the Spaniard orchestrated a very successful return to the top half of the table, assisting the team in its quest to earn a spot in the Conference League.

He was backed by the owners in January, and has all the tools at his disposal to continue helping the team grow over the next few years.

All of these reasons will be why Napoli are interested in him, as they want to ensure the club don’t regress after Spalletti’s exit.

The outlet claim that Aurelio De Laurentiis has around 40 managers on a shortlist he would be happy with, and Emery is one of them.

That’s why ‘eyes are wide open’ on the Spaniard after his ‘prodigious comeback’.


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