Ex-England captain says this about Springboks ‘Bomb Squad’

Discover the thoughts of the former England captain regarding the revolutionary “Bomb Squad” tactic in rugby, which completely reimagines team dynamics.

In rugby, the phrase “Bomb Squad” has come to refer to a novel strategy that was mostly implemented by the Springboks squad during their 2023 World Cup campaign.

This strategy has caused controversy in the rugby community and led to a reassessment of conventional gameplay techniques. Thanks to Instant Casino, renowned former England captain Dylan Hartley shares his thoughts on this change, highlighting the significant influence of the “Bomb Squad” on the current rugby landscape.


“The potential of the entire 23-man squad matters in today’s rugby, not just the starting fifteen,” Hartley says, signaling a major change in the team’s approach. “Why keep eight players on the sidelines when they’re ready and eager to contribute?” he asks, challenging conventional wisdom.

The “Bomb Squad” strategy is based on this viewpoint, which highlights how crucial it is for each team member to actively participate in the game.


Hartley makes a contrast between what spectators anticipate and what wins games in real life. According to him, the finest rugby is about playing to win and utilizing every rule to your team’s benefit. He is a firm believer in the strategy-first approach.

He salutes the tactical brilliance of coaches like as Cassie Erasmus, who have maximized the performance of their team, particularly the replacements.


The “Bomb Squad’s” rise to prominence marks a revolution in sport culture as much as a change in strategy. “It’s not just about the starters anymore,” observes Hartley. It’s usually the “Bomb Squad,” or the so-called replacements, who make the difference in the game. They are the ones who can make or break a situation.

This change places the “Bomb Squad” at the center of the team’s strategic planning and redefines the significance of each squad member.

The “Bomb Squad” method is evidence of the tactical creativity and cultural shifts that are reshaping rugby as the game continues to develop.

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