Ex-Cowboys Tony Romo divorce his wife Candice Crawford due to….

Ex-Cowboys Tony Romo divorce his wife Candice Crawford due to….




J.J. Watt still cannot believe Tony Romo evaded his sack attempt on his heroic touchdown play

Almost 10 years later, J.J. Watt is still stunned how Tony Romo got away from him to throw a miraculous touchdown.



The play will turn 10 years old on October 5th. At the time the Dallas Cowboys were 3-1 and coming off of a massive win on Sunday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints. On NBC’s postgame show after the game, tight end Jason Witten noted how the team’s goal was to “win the quarters” of the season which they accomplished with that victory.

The next quarter brought a showdown against the in-state little brothers known as the Houston Texans. Week 5 of that season marked the Texans’ first trip to AT&T Stadium as their only visit to play the Cowboys at that point in their franchise history occurred at Texas Stadium.

In that 2006 game at Texas Stadium, Tony Romo throw a touchdown to Terrell Owens in mop-up duty as the Cowboys cruised to victory. Eight years later Romo found himself in the middle of the matchup again, although squarely in the middle of one player’s vision specifically.


J.J. Watt still cannot believe how Tony Romo escaped his sack attempt

Nowadays Tony Romo works for CBS as does his challenge in the moment in question, J.J. Watt.

Recently both Romo and Watt were shown the play in question and asked for their memories of it. As you can imagine, it was a much more enjoyable experience for Romo given that he spun out of Watt’s would-be sack attempt and threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams.


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