Ex-Alabama, raiders star Henry ruggs III is making $2.50 an hour in 3-10 year prison sentence

Henry Ruggs III, a wide receiver for the Las Vegas Raiders and a former Alabama Crimson Tide standout, is being paid $2.50 per hour, as reported by David Charns of 8 News Now.

Ruggs entered a guilty plea to operating a vehicle while intoxicated following his tragic car accident in November of 2021. Ruggs struck Tina Tintor, 23,’s car at 156 mph while operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content twice the legal limit, according to the prosecution.


Ruggs received a minimum penalty of three years and a maximum sentence of ten years. The 25-year-old will be eligible for parole in 2026. He was sentenced on August 9, 2023.

Former Alabama Crimson Tide and Las Vegas Raiders star wide receiver Henry Ruggs III is now in a minimum security prison

raiders alabama henry ruggs III

Henry Ruggs III is currently housed at the Stewart Conservation Camp, a minimum security facility. He started his term at High Desert State Prison.

Ruggs currently earns $2.50 per hour working for government agencies. According to government papers cited in the 8 News Now piece, Ruggs’s employment is considered low-risk for convicts.In allocated job inside the community, “[Community trusty offenders] represent a limited potential to misbehave and represent a low risk to escape,” according to records.

While some supporters believe Ruggs should receive a harsher punishment, others believe he should be allowed to fulfill his sentence in peace.

Former Alabama Crimson Tide and Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver showed a lot of promise for a young player

alabama raiders henry ruggs III


In the 2020 NFL Draft, Henry Ruggs III was a standout wide receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide before being selected by the Las Vegas Raiders with the 12th overall pick.

During his three years at Alabama, Ruggs had 98 receptions for 1,716 yards in receiving. 24 times, he found the end zone, and he did it in one of the nation’s deepest wide receiver rooms. Wide receiver DeVonta Smith, who won the Heisman Trophy, was born and raised in Alabama.

The outside weapons for the Alabama Crimson Tide included wide receivers Jerry Jeudy of the Denver Broncos, Jaylen Waddle of the Miami Dolphins, and John Metchie III of the Houston Texans. Ruggs’ ability to amass over 800 yards from scrimmage in a room full of talented wide receivers testifies to the extent of his potential as an NFL receiver.

Ruggs played in 20 games for the Las Vegas Raiders and finished with just under 1,000 receiving yards. Despite playing in just seven games in 2021, he was on track to record 58 receptions and over 1,100 yards receiving. In August 2026, Ruggs will be eligible for parole.

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