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Steffi Graf: 28 Years After Iconic Wimbledon Moment, Tennis Fan Repeats Same Proposal Feat In-Front of Husband Andre Agassi




There might be many WTA number-one players but nobody can match up to the Fräulein Forehand‘s unimaginable craze.






Remember her iconic 1996 Wimbledon semifinals? Despite winning the match, this day marks a difference in Graf‘s life after an interesting incident, which returned to her funnily during her exhibition match in Romania yesterday. While Graf dropped a funny gesture, the repetition of the scene and that in front of her husband Andre Agassi surely entertained folks revealing the dominant Steffi Graf craze among people.








A reliable tennis fan shared a clip from Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi’s exhibition match against Simona Halep and Andrei Pavel in Cluj on their X platform.





In that clip, fans spotted a fan yelling at Steffi Graf and saying- “Steffi will you marry me?” Hearing this, Graf pointed at her famous husband Andre Agassi, bringing laughter to the audience. While this incident surprised the fraternity showing how much fandom Graf has after 25 years of her retirement in 1999, they remember another similar incident in the world’s former number-one WTA player’s life.

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