‘Errors’: 26-year-old Tottenham player gets 4.5/10 rating after poor display for his country last night

Richarlison, a star for Tottenham Hotspur, has faced criticism once more following his performance for Brazil against Venezuela yesterday night.

After La Vinotinto held them to a 1-1 draw, the South American giants’ perfect winning streak in the World Cup qualifying matches came to an end.The game was began by Richarlison, who wasn’t very good.

Tottenham’s Richarlison gets 4.5/10 rating for Brazil

The lineup Fernando Diniz chose for Brazil last night was really good.

Richarlison of Tottenham, Marquinhos, Gabriel Magalhaes, Casemiro, Neymar, and Vinicius Jr. all made their debuts in the match against Venezuela.

During the most recent international break, the 26-year-old received a good deal of criticism for his performances in the illustrious yellow and blue.

The Brazilian had a night to forget as his team was forced to settle for a draw, despite later success for Tottenham.

Richarlison received a player rating of 4.5/10 from GloboEsporte, which was the highest score given to any player on the team after the match.

Another performance that fell short of expectations, the source wrote.

Most of the time, he played with at least two Venezuelan players marking him.He made mistakes with his execution as he departed the area to collect the ball.

Richarlison needs a break

Richarlison has experienced significant difficulty since moving to Tottenham from Everton last year.

The Brazilian gave a couple strong displays for Brazil during the World Cup, but his performance level has declined recently.

We think Richarlison just needs a break. He needs to stop thinking about all the bad things; doing so might enable him to regain his best self.

It will be intriguing to see if Diniz keeps using him when Brazil plays Uruguay next week.


‘You’ve got to go’: Danny Murphy tells ‘fantastic’ player to leave Tottenham right now

Eric Dier, a standout for Tottenham Hotspur, has been persuaded by Danny Murphy to quit the team during the January transfer window.

Spurs finally have a team that has a stable lineup.Although Ange Postecoglou has radically changed the club, Dier is not a part of his starting lineup. Murphy feels that it is time for the two parties to split ways.

Danny Murphy tells Eric Dier to leave Tottenham

Since joining the team, Eric Dier has nearly always been a starter for Tottenham.

Since 2014, the ‘great’ Englishman has made 360 appearances for Spurs across all leagues, and there have been instances when his name was among the first to appear on the squad sheet.

But since Ange Postecoglou took over, Dier hasn’t played a single minute for the first team. The 29-year-old hasn’t played a single minute this season and on five occasions, he wasn’t even selected for the Premier League team.

At this time, it is crystal evident that Postecoglou does not like Dier, and Murphy has advised him to sever his relationship with Tottenham and look for a new club in January.

He stated, “He has got himself in a situation,” on talkSPORT (11 October, 12:50 pm). Of course, when a manager changes, you occasionally find yourself out of favor and have to sever your links. You must leave now!

He’s a young man with talent. He is a capable player who can play both center-half and central midfield. He will work hard for someone. He just isn’t very mobile.

He is versatile and has experience. In January, you may probably find him at a reasonable price as well. Numerous clubs are interested in him.


Dier has to go

At the end of this current campaign, Eric Dier’s contract with Tottenham will expire.

Numerous clubs expressed interest in the Spurs defender during the summer, but no deal ultimately occurred. He allegedly planned to compete for his position under Postecoglou this season.

But it certainly seems like a waste of time, doesn’t it? At this point in his career, Dier has to be playing regularly, thus a transfer in January makes the most sense.

He is apparently someone Jose Mourinho wants to sign at Roma; that would be a brilliant move on his part.

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