Eagles QB Jalent Hurts Announces His Wedding With Bry Burrows….

Eagles QB Jalent Hurts Announces His Wedding With Bry Burrows....



“He do losses, too. I just happen to do it when he doesn’t have the words to say at the time,” Graham said of his fellow captain. “I respect that, too, because I always be thinking about what I can say just in case he don’t say nothing.




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“I just kind of look at him and I can tell if he’s about to say something, and I can tell if he ain’t.”


Hurts’ renowned stoicism, though, often leaves his actions — or, more accurately, the lack thereof — open to interpretation. When the Eagles are winning, his emotionless personality is viewed by many as steady leadership at its finest. And when they’re losing — as has been the case in five of their last six games — it can be seen as the opposite.



Those are binary narratives often created from outside the NovaCare Complex. Inside the Eagles, there is an understanding that many variables have contributed to the team’s tailspin, with the quarterback’s uneven performance this season being just one.


But there is also a belief from some key members of the organization that if Hurts — for all of his positive traits — could open himself up a little more, improve his body language, and take more ownership even when he’s not at fault, it could help the team in times of distress, Eagles sources said to The Inquirer.


This is a critique that has been suggested since before the recent slide.


Hurts has had a few changes in his football life since nearly carrying the Eagles to a Super Bowl title a year ago. But he isn’t much different than he was when he rose from Carson Wentz’s rookie backup to franchise quarterback just three years later, various team members have said.



Just as many Eagles would rather Hurts stay authentic to himself than adopt an identity that is false to him.


He has long dealt with preconceived notions on how he should outwardly behave after defeats — and even after wins — when he believes his teams haven’t met a standard.


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