‘Don’t’: Paul Merson can’t believe what he is hearing about Tottenham duo Maddison and Bentancur

Paul Merson was puzzled by the information he was learning about James Maddison and Rodrigo Bentancur of Tottenham Hotspur.

The two Tottenham midfielders were recently mentioned in the same sentence as Rodri and Kevin de Bruyne, the winners of the Treble for Manchester City.

The outspoken Paul Merson, however, was having none of it and said on Twitter that the Tottenham players are nowhere near the Premier League champions.

James Maddison and Rodrigo Bentancur are unquestionably important players for Ange Postecoglou.

Additionally, if they can maintain their fitness through the end of the season, the club’s prospects of qualifying for the Champions League the following year are significantly increased.

Spurs are currently three points behind Aston Villa in fourth place in the standings, sitting fifth in the standings.

Paul Merson, meanwhile, had a somewhat direct message for a Spurs supporter who chose to draw a comparison between Rodrigo Bentancur and James Maddison and Rodri and Kevin de Bruyne.

Maddison James and Bentancur Rodrigo

“Please remove your Spurs glasses and refrain from mentioning Bentancur and Maddison in the same sentence as De Bruyne and Rodri. Though not close to the other two, I’m a huge fan of Maddison and Bentancur,” Merson stated.

James Maddison return

All four of the aforementioned players are almost certain to be active on Friday night at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

In the FA Cup, Postecoglou will host Man City for the fourth round. The two teams drew 3-3 at the Etihad in December.

The good news for Spurs is that Maddison might rejoin the team after missing a few months, which would be a huge boost for the group.

On the other hand, de Bruyne might receive his first start in a very long time following his magnificent cameo at St. James’ Park.

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