Dolphins’ Jalen Ramsey issues statement after being expelled by NFL ….

Dolphins' Jalen Ramsey issues statement after being expelled by NFL ....

Jalen Ramsey: Anthony Weaver is moving me ‘back to what I do’



The Miami Dolphins’ outspoken cornerback Jalen Ramsey is rarely unwilling to speak his mind, and has hardly made it a secret that he didn’t love playing for defensive coordinator Vic Fangio in 2023. When the team released Xavien Howard in March, Ramsey took a not-so-subtle jab at Fangio on social media, writing that he’d “never forgive dude” for using the duo incorrectly.


While Ramsey was unwilling to directly compare Fangio with new defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver when he was asked by reporters earlier this week, he also made it clear that he’s feeling a lot more comfortable with his role heading into 2024.


“Last year was the only time I didn’t follow and only stayed on one side of the field,” Ramsey said Wednesday. “So last year was kind of a different year for me rather than this being different. This is like back to what I do, back to where I thrive and made impact and have a lot of fun playing the game.”


According to PFF, Ramsey was lined up wide at cornerback on the right side for 516 snaps in 2023 and he was on the left side for 85 snaps. His other 58 defensive snaps last season were split up among various other spots in the Dolphins defense.


By contrast, Ramsey spent 347 snaps lined up in the box, in the slot, or on the defensive line in his final season with the Los Angeles Rams.


“There are not many comps to Jalen Ramsey,” Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel said Thursday. “So in that, thinking outside the box, finding different ways for him to thrive helps others thrive. … One offseason you’re finding new ways to get someone the ball. It’s the same thing as putting him in different places to be at the point of attack and utilize all of his God-given gifts. It’s a good marriage.”

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