‘Disgusting’: Jamie O’Hara slams treatment of £350,000-a-week player linked with Tottenham

In the summer transfer window, Jadon Sancho was rumored to be moving to Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham Hotspur, but the winger remained at Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United.

And it appears that Jadon Sancho might have fared better if he had transferred from Manchester United to Tottenham Hotspur.

Jadon Sancho of Manchester United is rumored to be moving to Tottenham Hotspur in the summer.

Early in July, The Independent reported that United manager Erik ten Hag desired to part ways with Sancho.

According to the rumor, Tottenham had been offered the £350,000 per week (Spotrac) England international winger.

Early in July, The Daily Star reported that Tottenham were interested in hiring the 23-year-old’s services.

However, nothing changed.

And Sancho’s circumstance has gotten worse.

Situation of Jadon Sancho really bad at Manchester United

Ten Hag and the winger are at odds, and the drama is being played out in the open.

We are all aware of Sancho’s response to Ten Hag’s criticism of the winger’s lackluster training.

Since then, the pair reportedly had a meeting, according to talkSPORT.

Due to a “squad discipline issue,” United has declared on its official website that the winger will practice separately from the first team.

And Jamie O’Hara, a former Tottenham player and talkSPORT analyst, is not pleased with how the Red Devils are treating Sancho.

On talkSPORT, O’Hara stated regarding Sancho, “I think what they’re doing to him is horrible.

Whether that was the proper thing to do or not, I am aware that he has stepped forward and made a statement. But given that he wasn’t even a part of the organization, was Ten Hag justified in digging him out?

“Jadon Sancho needs to improve his game on the football field, as we all know. And he accomplishes this by getting him back to playing, practicing, and enjoying football.

Jadon Sancho won’t ever be at his best after what they are doing to him right now. The only thing you’re going to achieve is psychological harm, making the football player feel even worse than he already does.

Sancho’s reintegration into the United first squad under Ten Hag is challenging.

It is obvious that the manager and the winger do not get along.

If United does decide to sell Sancho during the January transfer window or the following summer, we won’t be shocked.

Maybe, just maybe, Tottenham may express interest in the winger once more.

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