Daniel Levy tells Tottenham’s star player his car is banned from Tottenham’s training ground.

Only a few months into his time as a player for Tottenham Hotspur, James Maddison appears to have committed a grievous sin and has already received a gentle prod from chairman Daniel Levy.

Ahead of the North London Derby, Daniel Levy made light of the fact that James Maddison would “learn” not to drive a red car into Tottenham’s practice field.

The playmaker from England, who joined Spurs from Leicester in the summer, has proven to be a great investment. He was signed for £40 million, already has two goals and two assists, and was named August Player of the Month.

Despite the 26-year-old’s promising beginning in North London, Maddison has already committed a little error by arriving at the club’s Enfield Training Ground in a red automobile, the color of the club’s bitter rivals Arsenal. Chairman Daniel Levy joked that the midfielder has already been reminded of his allegiances while speaking at a supporters’ forum event.

James must understand that he cannot arrive at the practice field in a red automobile, he remarked. I’ve informed him. He’ll catch on. Even though Tottenham fans may not think his red automobile flatters him, Maddison’s appreciation of his new employers has made sure that he is well-liked by them.

Speaking earlier this month, he claimed that as it became clear that he would be leaving Leicester, Spurs were always on his mind. Yes, Maddison responded, “and it was one of the reasons I wanted to go to Tottenham.

Throughout your life and profession, there will be times when you must make decisions. When doing so, remember to take everything into account.

And just because I could envision myself playing for Tottenham, that was one of the reasons I wanted to go to Tottenham. Don’t ask me; I’m not even sure what I mean by it.

“But I could simply picture myself on that team, wearing that uniform, and in that stadium. For me, it simply suited beautifully. They’ve had that kind of player ever since. Gazza was my dad’s favorite player when I was a child.

“And I want to amuse. For me, that won’t ever alter. That cannot be negotiated. I play that way. I won’t change, so this is how my journey has played out and how I came to be at Tottenham.

This Saturday, Maddison wants to lead the way for Spurs once more. At the Emirates Stadium, they ironically face off against Arsenal in the most recent North London Derby match.

Maddison already has a winning record in his career when facing the Gunners. Over the course of nine appearances across all competitions, he has assisted on four goals. The midfielder appears unlikely to drive his red car in the near future, at least not near Spurs’ practice facility, following his lighthearted caution.

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