Stevie Nicol says Bayern Munich’s honorary president Uli Hoeness is ‘right’ to openly talk about signing Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane, but warned that he might have ‘killed the deal’ with Daniel Levy if he isn’t speaking the truth.

The noises coming out of Germany are that Harry Kane wants out and he is open to leaving the comfort zone of the English Premier League for the Bundesliga.

The player himself hasn’t openly said anything, so the Tottenham fans have every right to dismiss such transfer noise, but Bayern Munich board member Uli Hoeness has recently expressed confidence in the England captain joining the club, as reported by Sky Sports.

Some might think it’s impolite to speak in such a public way, but according to Liverpool great Nicol, it’s just ‘pressure’ on Tottenham and Daniel Levy, even though he doesn’t think it will change anything, as he said in an interview with ESPN.

Whoever they may be, those in charge of football things from the best clubs in England to the elite in Spain are frequently of the opinion that nobody comes across as obstinate and unyielding as Levy.

In light of Nicol’s previous defense of those at Bayern for their recent activities, it will be fascinating to watch how the Spurs chairman responds to the notion that his ‘world class’ striker is being discussed in such a manner.

Regarding Hoeness’ remarks about Kane, Nicol stated, “He is doing his best.” “While we’re talking about buying Kane. As if it will matter to Daniel Levy, let’s try to curry favor with Mr. Levy.

“If you are him (Hoeness), I believe you act in such manner. Since you must presume Kane uttered those things, you try to exert some pressure on him. If Kane hadn’t mentioned those things, the agreement would likely have fallen through if they had.

Regarding whether Hoeness ought to have disclosed everything: “Well, why not? His pressure is mounting. Levy is the target of his pressure tactics, just like everyone else.

“As I said, Kane has clearly said those things, I would suggest. I think what he is doing is the right thing.”

Levy won’t be impressed

If anyone in the Bayern boardroom knows anything about Levy, it needs to be investigated.

Yes, they want to get Kane, and the 29-year-old might be amenable to the move, but just ask Pep Guardiola and Manchester City how simple it is to work with Levy.

The English businessman can be difficult to work with even on a good day, so if they have irritated him here, I can promise you that they have just made the situation much worse.

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