Dallas Cowboys Made offer of $40.5M to LSU QB Garrett Nussmeier on 2-years Contract to replace……

Dallas Cowboys Made offer of $40.5M to LSU QB Garrett Nussmeier on 2-years Contract to replace......





Dallas Cowboys Really interesting in signing Garrett Nussmeier



Peyton Manning compliments Garrett Nussmeier for staying at LSU



The transfer portal is like a black hole that inhales players every year who are looking for a fresh new start at another school. One position that the transfer portal is full of is quarterbacks.


A lot of younger quarterbacks are not willing to sit behind a veteran and learn the ropes when they can transfer somewhere and play immediately. There are some exceptions, like LSU’s new starting quarterback Garrett Nussmeier.


Nussmeier is a redshirt junior who has spent the past three seasons at LSU as a backup quarterback. Max Johnson was the starter for the Tigers in 2021 and Jayden Daniels has started the past two seasons.


Nussmeier recently went to the Manning Passing Academy and Peyton Manning praised how Nuss decided to stay at LSU instead of transferring.


“It’s hard. I can’t speak for all of them but I know there’s something to learning the system, growing in it as opposed to learning a new system every year,” Manning said. “It’s extremely hard and a young quarterback has to learn a new system every year. It’s really hard to develop. In college if you choose to transfer, it takes a couple of years to be truly comfortable in a system I think. There are rewards for guys that stay that they should be comfortable in that system because you’ve had so many reps and that’s the best way to learn and grow.”


Nussmeier has the chance to lead LSU to the College Football Playoff this season.

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