CONGRATULATIONS: Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell Welcomes Second baby….

CONGRATULATIONS: Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell Welcomes Second baby….




Lakers Players Were Frustrated After Darvin Ham Benched D’Angelo Russell And Austin Reaves During The Season






Lakers players express frustration over Darvin Ham’s decision to bench key players, adding to scrutiny of his coaching.

The frustration among Lakers players following Darvin Ham’s decision to bench D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves during the season was palpable and understandable. As the team’s season came to a disappointing end, reports surfaced of internal dissatisfaction with Ham’s coaching decisions, adding another layer of scrutiny to his tenure.

“The decision to bench both Reaves and Russell, the team’s consensus third- and fourth-best players, did not sit well with many within the organization and locker room, according to team and league sources.”

“Throughout the series and most of the season, however, team officials and players believe Ham’s fluctuating rotations, game plans and lack of adjustments led to an underperforming group. It created discontent within the locker room, which became palpable across the franchise.”

“Ham’s decision was viewed as a panic move that backfired, a divergence from the team’s stated goals of developing reps and continuity with the core players and groups from last season. Instead, those lineups and groupings didn’t play as much as they could have, even as bench or closing lineups.”

The decision to sideline Reaves and Russell, two integral members of the team, was met with confusion and discontent within the organization. Both players were considered key contributors, and their absence from the starting lineup raised eyebrows among teammates and observers alike.

Ham’s fluctuating rotations and perceived lack of adjustments throughout the season contributed to a sense of unease within the locker room. Players and team officials questioned the rationale behind the lineup changes, especially considering the team’s stated goals of developing continuity and chemistry among its core players.

While the Lakers experienced some success following the lineup adjustments, winning 12 of their next 16 games, the decision to bench Reaves and Russell ultimately backfired. The team’s late-season surge did little to quell the lingering doubts about Ham’s coaching acumen and decision-making.

Moreover, the internal expectations to contend for a championship only intensified as the season progressed, exacerbating the scrutiny of Ham’s coaching decisions. Many within the organization believed that settling on a consistent starting lineup earlier in the season could have yielded better results and potentially altered the team’s postseason trajectory.

In hindsight, the decision to bench Reaves and Russell appears misguided, especially considering their significant contributions to the team’s success in the latter part of the season. As the Lakers reflect on their disappointing campaign and evaluate their coaching staff, questions loom about the future direction of the team and whether changes are necessary to achieve their championship aspirations.

Darvin Ham Is Done With The Lakers

After another disappointing playoff exit for the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems that Darvin Ham’s tenure as the team’s head coach has reached its conclusion. The Lakers’ defeat in five games against the Denver Nuggets marked the second consecutive postseason in which they faced elimination against the same team, winning only one out of nine playoff games against their opponents.

Ham’s coaching performance throughout these matchups has been widely criticized, with many pointing to his inability to make effective adjustments and outcoach the opposing team.

The strained relationship between Ham and key players such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis has further fueled speculation about his future with the team. Davis publicly blamed Ham for the Lakers’ loss in Game 2 of the series, citing instances where the team seemed lost on the court.

While Ham attempted to downplay Davis’ comments as a product of frustration, video evidence suggests lingering tensions between the coach and star player, particularly following the team’s Game 3 defeat.

LeBron James has also expressed dissatisfaction with Ham’s coaching decisions, notably during Game 4 when he urged the coach to challenge a call to no avail. Reports suggest that LeBron has overridden Ham’s decisions after timeouts and has been critical of his coaching approach, indicating a lack of confidence and respect for Ham’s leadership.

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