Congratulations; Lakers“ D’Angelo Russell announces wedding with Laura after….






D’Angelo Russell’s Pregnant Girlfriend Reveals How It Almost Never Happened With Lakers Star: “Did Not Take Him Seriously”








D’Angelo Russell and his girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas, are one of the more beloved couples in the NBA. The Lakers star might have had his fair share of struggles on the professional scene, but he is constantly winning in his personal life. In a relationship since 2020, the pair share a son, Riley Jonas Russell.

But it seems like none of the joy that he’s experiencing now would have happened. In an adorable chat with the D’Lo and Laura, the latter admitted to the hilarious first impression she had of Russell. “I did not take him serious at all.” Given that Ivaniukas was a model and Russell first saw her during a New York fashion show, her statement would make sense. It’s almost routine for models to get plenty of offers for a date in their line of work.

She would have thought that D’Angelo was just another one of them. But clearly, the man put in enough work to convince her otherwise. And now, they are eagerly waiting for their second child, a baby girl.

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