CONGRATULATIONS° Giants QB Tommy Devito Welcome’s First Baby….

CONGRATULATIONS° Giants QB Tommy Devito Welcome's First Baby....

With the New York Giants heading into their 100th season, the organization revealed a special “Century Red” commemorative uniform on Thursday, which looks quite interesting.


In 1925, the New York Giants franchise was born and began what has been a legendary run in professional football. In their third season, they won their first championship and would go on to win four more in the pre-Super Bowl era of the NFL.


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Since then they have added four more Super Bowl trophies and are the third winningest team in NFL history (721 wins), only behind the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. This upcoming NFL season will mean the New York Giants brand turns 100 and the organization is planning to celebrate that milestone with a special uniform, and it’s messy.


New York Giants bring together a wild mix of colors for ‘Century Red’ uniforms



New York Giants

On Thursday morning, the Giants sent out a press release unveiling their commemorative “Century Red” uniforms — which can be viewed above. The team announced the uniforms will be worn twice during the 2024 season and are a “culmination of a two-year process in partnership with the NFL.”



“The uniform harkens back to the earliest days of the franchise featuring tan pants; red socks with blue and white stripes from the team’s inaugural 1925 season; red jerseys accented with blue from 1933, when the Giants played in the first-ever NFL Championship Game; and an iconic winged helmet honoring the 1938 champions as the Giants became a cornerstone in the foundation of the league. All of the team’s 2024 jerseys will feature the team’s ‘100 Seasons’ patch.”


– New York Giants statement

The uniforms are quite a collage of colors that take nods to the franchise’s long history. Unfortunately, it is a wild combination and the helmets resembling that of the Michigan Wolverines are a bit odd despite the connection to the 1938 team. In an era where alternate jerseys are geared toward younger fans, the Giants may have made a poor choice by learning hard into a look from the 1920s and ’30s.


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