Congratulations: Dolphins Qb Tua Tagovailoa Welcome his first baby girl

Congratulations: Dolphins Qb Tua Tagovailoa Welcome his first baby girl

Finally, we turn to Green Bay, where Matt LaFleur took over as head coach in 2020 and Aaron Rodgers took home NFL MVP honors in the first two seasons they were together.

Of course, Rodgers already had been named MVP twice, but he also was coming off three seasons with a passer rating in the 90s after reaching 100 seven times in his first nine seasons as a starter.




The overriding point here should be obvious: The (Mike) Shanahan-inspired offensive scheme sure seems to produce impressive stats for quarterbacks.



And this is where it can get tricky when it comes to determining the exact value of who’s behind center.


And this is part of the decision-making process for the Dolphins when it comes to how much they’re willing to commit financially to Tua.



So whose opinion should we trust more when it comes to exactly how vital Tua is to the Dolphins offense: Orlovsky or Hoyer?


As with every discussion involving Tua, we’d expect strong fan reaction on either side of issue when the reality is that the truth maybe, probably lies somewhere in the middle.


And for those fans who will bring up the Dolphins’ 1-3 record in the four regular season games that Tua missed during the 2022 season, understand that left tackle Terron Armstead — easily the team’s best offensive lineman that season — played a total of eight snaps combined in the three losses, the defense recorded ZERO takeaways in any of the three losses, and there was a mid-game quarterback change due to injury in all three losses.


Ultimately, though, it will be up to the Dolphins to make that decision and mix it in with all the other factors involved to see where they want to take their offer to their starting quarterback.

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