CONGRATULATIONS: BAMA’s qb Jalen Milroe Welcomes first Baby….

CONGRATULATIONS: BAMA's qb Jalen Milroe Welcomes first Baby....



Kalen DeBoer’s Mentorship Promises Brighter Future for Jalen Milroe Than Nick Saban’s Era in Alabama



Expectations reign supreme from Jalen Milroe, who entered this year as Alabama Crimson Tide’s starting quarterback. As he is all set to spread his charm this fall, coming off a College Football Playoff run last season, On3Sports analyst J.D. PicKell has arrived with some bizarre analysis.



Now that the transfer portal has closed, the time has arrived to shift the focus on college football players’ performance in 2024. The January 1 matchup between the Michigan Wolverines and Alabama Crimson Tide left Saban disappointed with Milroe’s performance when he missed a pivotal pass. However, according to PicKell, situations are going to change this season now that DeBoer is leading Tuscaloosa.



Yes, like you all, PicKell was initially under speculation about the DeBoer-Milroe combo. “Jalen Milroe- Kalen DeBoer to me is a lot like French fries in a milkshake combo… sounds like it doesn’t sound good- two things that taste different… you think that they are not supposed to go together but when you try you find out they are phenomenal,” asserted PicKell.



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