Congratulations 🤯👌to Coach Steve Kerr and his wife as they welcome their first grandchild…….

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has the opportunity to win his seventh NBA championship on Father’s Day this Sunday—his second as a head coach. After leading his club to the most wins in an NBA season ever, he was already voted the 2015–2016 NBA Coach of the Year. But Steve won’t be cutting the confetti on Sunday when the streamers take over Oakland. It is he who forces his players into the limelight and then ducks out of it. Maddy, Kerr’s daughter and a volleyball player at the University of California, Berkeley, has seen the practice and thinks that her father’s humility, rather than his accomplishments, has inspired her the most.Through sports, fathers have a lot to teach their kids.Many times Which ones, though, will stick with your children and be recalled long after they grow up? We invited some of the most well-known athletes to share with us the most significant sports lessons they learnt from their fathers in order to celebrate Father’s Day with Kerr’s daughter Maddy and her son Nick.

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