“Changed the vibe”- Tottenham superstar pays homage to ‘positive’ dressing room spirit

Son Heung-min reveals positive vibes in the Tottenham dressing room this season

A shift has been occurring in the center of North London, and it has had a lasting impact on the Premier League landscape in addition to reviving the spirit of Tottenham Hotspur.

The N17 has been blown by the winds of change brought about by the hiring of manager Ange Postecoglou, revitalizing a team that needed it. Under Postecoglou’s direction, Tottenham’s training sessions and entire attitude have been weaved with an intricate tapestry of transformation, as The Athletic revealed last week.

The change has been noticeable, and Captain Son Heung-min of South Korea, who never stops grinning, is one person who is leading this transformation. Son, a talisman for Spurs and a favorite of the fans, recently made time to interact with the supporters at a fan forum held at the revered Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

He gave insights on the radical change in mood and vigor at the club this season with an infectious optimism.

“The vibes are extremely, really great in the locker room, the club, and the stadium. For instance, the guys even entered the room after my doping [test] and commented, “Wow, they’ve changed the vibe.

Shorter, more rigorous training sessions are one of Son’s most notable adjustments, which is consistent with The Athletic’s exposé. The players have adopted a mindset that prioritizes quality over quantity under Postecoglou’s direction.

But the winds of change have not only swept across the practice area. Team meetings, which used to last for hours, now last only 15 to 20 minutes. The lengthy considerations of former seasons are no longer necessary.

Instead, Postecoglou has made sure that every player is aware of their role and responsibilities by bringing a sense of urgency and clarity to his communication. No more last-minute adjustments that confused and confused the team.

The makeover extends to the relationships within the club and goes beyond tactical tweaks and productive discussions. In sharp contrast to his predecessor, Antonio Conte, Postecoglou has made a point of getting to know everyone at Tottenham.

Up until this point, Postecoglou has been a breath of new air at Tottenham. However, success is determined by outcomes rather than good vibes. Success for the club under the Australian is crucial moving ahead.

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