‘BUT WHY” Dak Prescott Grabbed a huge chance to leave cowboys for $206 million

'BUT WHY" Dak Prescott Grabbed a huge chance to leave cowboys for $206 million









Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Backs Top Crunch Fitness Group

Collin Helwig

MAY 9, 2024

Dak Prescott (credit: CR Fitness)

The 3-time NFL Pro Bowler will help CR Fitness grow its portfolio of Crunch gyms throughout the southwest and southeast with financial backing and by featuring in ad campaigns

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is joining a new team — one off the gridiron.


CR Fitness Holdings, the world’s largest operator of Crunch Fitness franchise locations, announced a partnership with the three-time NFL Pro Bowler. Both sides aim to expand the Crunch Fitness brand by delivering affordable fitness and wellness services to communities in Dallas and throughout the United States.


“I believe mental and physical health are so important. Health and fitness are incorporated into everything we do, and more people should have access to affordable, high-quality ways to improve their overall well-being,” said Prescott. “I’m excited to help the CR Fitness team continue to introduce the inclusive Crunch gym experience to the surrounding communities nationwide.”


CR Fitness’ proven track record of running successful Crunch gyms and its presence in Prescott’s backyard with locations in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and soon Tennessee and Arizona, made the partnership a no-brainer. The veteran signal-caller made a substantial financial investment in accordance with his partnership, although specific terms couldn’t be disclosed.


Prescott is also set to appear in commercials and social media posts for the brand.

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