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Brendan Rodgers decision hints at Celtic transfer twist

No cup upset was visible at Parkhead as Celtic defeated Buckie Thistle in a comfortable victory.

Since Brendan Rodgers’ team has been so unpredictable this season, supporters weren’t sure what lineup they would see following the winter break. This performance suggests that they are prepared to depart.

On that particular day, Celtic had five goal scorers, which was a good balance. Both rookies like Paulo Bernardo and Odin Thiago Holm as well as veterans like Kyogo and Luis Palma found the back of the net. But Rocco Vata was the game’s most noteworthy scorer.

Vata was expected to quit Celtic in January, even just a few days ago. He has six months left on his deal, and throughout the first half of the season, he did not play for the team.

Perhaps recently, however, things have taken an unexpected turn. First, there were rumors that Celtic was thinking about signing Vata to a longer contract. Then he made his first-ever appearance of the season in the Scottish Cup, against Buckie Thistle. His goal definitely increased his prospects going forward.

Rodgers decision hints at Celtic transfer twist

At Celtic, have Vata’s fortunes reversed. And given that the young player has excelled in the B Team this season, might this be the beginning of a run in and around the first team?

The lack of opportunities for Vata this season has been rather perplexing. However, something must have changed during the winter vacation.

What what happens from this point on is still to be seen. Vata’s departure is still very much a possibility because several Italian teams are rumored to be interested in signing him. However, things appear lot more promising for him to continue at Celtic than they were even a few days ago.

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