BREAKING:Colts suspended two key players in cowboys Dak Prescott & Micah Parsons today for..

Cowboys’ voluntary offseason program, each for distinct reasons. Lamb’s absence stems from his frustration over the lack of progress in contract extension talks. According to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News, there have been “no substantial talks” between Lamb’s agent and the Cowboys regarding an extension.


This has left Lamb feeling uneasy about his future with the team, particularly since he’s slated to play the 2024 season under the fifth-year option. Reportedly, he’s adamant about not playing under the $17.99 million option without a new deal.

Parsons, on the other hand, is absent due to a different reason, albeit with a similar desire for a new contract. Michael Gehlken, also from the Dallas Morning News, reports that Parsons is “focused on a personalized training program outside the facility while determined to prepare himself for the 2024 season in the manner he considers optimal.”


This approach mirrors his actions in 2023 when he chose to work out at The Kollective with Mo Wells in Austin instead of joining the team’s voluntary program. However, he did make an appearance at the team facility for the start of organized team activities, which are also voluntary.

Despite their absence from the offseason program, both players have showcased their value on the field. Parsons, a three-time Pro Bowler and two-time All-Pro, boasts an impressive 40.5 career sacks, including a career-high 14 sacks last season. Notably, he has only missed one game in his career, which was due to contracting COVID during Week 18 of the 2021 season.


It’s evident that both Lamb and Parsons seek clarity and security in their situations with the Cowboys. Their absence underscores their desire for new contracts and assurance about their futures with the team.


As negotiations unfold, the Cowboys face the task of addressing these key players’ contract situations and finding common ground that satisfies both parties. As the offseason progresses, attention will be on how these discussions evolve and their implications for the upcoming season.

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