Breaking News:6x Pro Bowl Philadelphia Eagles legend expresses desire to join Pittsburgh Steelers

We suppose it would be difficult to even consider donning the uniform of another team after spending your entire playing career with one franchise. Though it occurs annually in all sports, the Philadelphia Eagles may lose one of their most well-known players to free agency this offseason.

Fletcher Cox wants to join Pittsburgh Steelers

fletcher cox

Fletcher Cox, a defensive tackle with the Philadelphia Eagles, may have played his last game with the only professional team he has ever known, twelve years after being selected with the 12th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. His contract only lasts one year, and he has a manageable $5.7 million cap cost.

It seems the Eagles don’t really need Cox to be around, at least not in a prominent position, given that they made significant investments in the trenches in recent selection classes by choosing Jordan Davis and Jalen Carter.

Even though Cox, 33, is getting on in years, he probably still has a few more successful seasons in him, even though they might not be in Philadelphia.

When Cox recently appeared on the podcast of Cam Heyward, the NFL Man of the Year recipient and defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was asked which team, outside of the Eagles, he would prefer to play for.

Without hesitation, Cox expressed his desire to play for the Steelers, where he could collaborate with Heyward.

“Love is everything.” Just the same regard I have for the game, as you have for it. I think we could play the game the way I play it and the way you play it. It would have been enjoyable. We could influence certain events.

Fletcher Cox expressed desire to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers might be willing to make a trade for Cox if the Eagles are looking for a partner. Cox, as previously stated, has a tradeable contract that won’t burden the team that signs him, and his record—70 sacks and six Pro Bowls—speaks for itself.

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