Breaking: Indiana Fever has fired coach Christie Sides today…

Breaking: Indiana Fever has fired coach Christie Sides today...

Breaking: Indiana Fever has fired coach Christie Sides today…

Christie Sides, the head coach of the Indiana Fever, talks about his teammates’ lack of support for Caitlin Clark.
Other players have been physically aggressive with the rookie, who has been under pressure both on and off the court.

It has been rough on rookie Caitlin Clark in her short professional career and some people may believe that it might not be fair. Some teams have let former Iowa star no longer in college and it has been physical as of late, even with some joy of a game that the Indiana Fever won.

Head coach Christie Sides recently spoke out on the infamous hit against Clark during the Chicago Sky game. She was nudged from the back with a blindside hit that led her to fall on the floor, instants after that happened it got even uglier. Sky guard Chennedy Carter took the time to taunt the WNBA first year player.

The play went viral on social media, generating thousands of reactions from fans, followers and fellow basketball players and people around the world of sports. Something that also provoked that many fans call for the need of an “enforcer” to have Caitlin Clarks back at all times and retaliate to protect the 22-year-old.

The head coach came out in defense of the whole team
Head coach Christie Sides spoke of her entire team defending her players after receiving scrutiny for not addressing the situation when Clark was on the floor against the Chicago Sky.

“I think you saw it in the Seattle game. Vivians and Caitlin got tied up a little bit and you see our team go help… I think it was just a situation (on Saturday) where no one saw it happen,” said Sides.

The Indiana Fever did defeat the Sky on Saturday 71-70, and Clark still stands atop the rookie rankings in terms of points and assists averaging 16.5 points and 6.5 assists through 10 games for the Fever. Now people hope that Caitlin Clark will receive more support from her teammates when needed.

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