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Breaking: Dak Prescott has been ejected by the Dallas Cowboys due to…

Breaking: Dak Prescott has been ejected by the Dallas Cowboys due to...

Breaking: Dak Prescott has been ejected by the Dallas Cowboys due to…


The ‘Ezekiel Elliott effect’ is already being felt by the Cowboys and Dak Prescott can hide the fact that it’s a big plus: why?

Teammates hail his personality


When fans think of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, many envision his powerful runs and breakaway speed leading to touchdowns. These feats were common during his peak years from 2016 to 2019, when he surpassed 1,300 rushing yards three times and earned rushing titles in 2016 (1,631 yards) and 2018 (1,434 yards).

But for his teammates, the answer is different now that Elliott has rejoined Dallas on a one-year deal after a year with the New England Patriots in 2023. Released early from his six-year, $90 million contract extension signed in 2019, it’s Elliott‘s vibrant personality that stands out most.

Elliott‘s exuberance was on full display on Wednesday after the Cowboys‘ minicamp practice. After speaking with the media, he returned to the locker room, dancing the Whip and Nae Nae while playfully tossing his practice towel into a laundry bin. His infectious laughter and carefree attitude lit up the room.

“The first day he’s back he put a big smile on everyone’s face in the locker room,” right guard Zack Martin said.

“He’s got an infectious personality, maybe something we missed at times last year. So, it’s great to have him back.”

A special bond with Prescott



Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott, who were both drafted by Dallas in 2016, share a close bond. The fourth overall pick, and Prescott, selected in the fourth round, have been through many highs together.

“[It’s] the f***ing best,” Prescott said of his return.



Three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Prescott has frequently referred to Elliott as his “little brother” and closest buddy. Even when Elliott was a member of the Patriots, Prescott talked highly of him before to their Week 4 meeting the previous year, demonstrating their close bond.



Elliott may not be on the field in 2023, but the Cowboys’ Frisco facility feels his presence all the same. He fits right back into the team’s culture.




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