Bo Bichette has been suspended by Toronto Blue Jays due to……

Bo Bichette has been suspended by Toronto Blue Jays due to……



Moved to No. 5 spot, Bichette willing to do ‘whatever’ to help offense



 Early Saturday, a songbird sang a prophecy.

A Blue Jays hitter, making the long walk down the hallway from their clubhouse in Washington to the batting cages, passed by manager John Schneider’s office midway through crooning a verse from “Down With The Sickness,” the 2000 hit by Disturbed that locker rooms won’t let die.

“Suddenly it changes, violently it changes,” they sang, dragging their bat behind them at Nationals Park.

In the hours that followed, the Blue Jays changed their lineup and dropped Bo Bichette to the No. 5 spot, which lasted five innings before he launched his helmet into the ground and was ejected for the first time in his big league career. Violently, in a 6-3 win, it changes


This was necessary, though, an overdue pivot for an offense that needs something — anything — to get it going. Even Bichette agrees with the move. The numbers aren’t there, but Bichette is still one of the faces of this team, and that face stood in front of a locker long after the game was over, saying he’d do “whatever they want” to help this offense find itself again.

“I haven’t done anything, really, to produce, and we’ve struggled as a team, so I think it’s the right time to switch things up,” Bichette said. “If I have to be the one that goes down, then that’s fine with me.”

Bichette is batting just .202 with a .542 OPS, perhaps the worst stretch of his pro career. It’s been a stunning turn for one of baseball’s most gifted young hitters with a style all his own.




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