‘Big developing news’: Sky Sports now have live update about Harry Kane this morning

Bayern Munich officials are on their way to another meeting with Tottenham Hotspur chief Daniel Levy over the potential signing of Harry Kane.

A report from journalist Florian Plettenberg has been shared by Sky Sports, via Football Daily.

Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham have proved to be the transfer saga of the summer.

With less than a year left on his current deal at Spurs, understandably clubs are beginning to take a serious interest.

Bayern Munich appear to be the most interested, having already had two bids rejected.

Paris Saint-Germain are reportedly keen as well, with Kylian Mbappe set to leave this summer.

Questions over Kane’s future have unsurprisingly dominated new manager Ange Postecoglou’s first press conferences.

He even had to deal with a German reporter turning up with a mocked-up Bayern Munich shirt with Kane on the back.

Bayern officials are now on their way to a meeting with Tottenham to see if a deal to sign Kane is possible.

Daniel Levy hasn’t shared an asking price with the German giants yet.

Given they could be about to raise some extra cash with the sale of Sadio Mane, their bargaining position may just have got a lot stronger.

Bayern set for meeting with Tottenham over Kane future

Relaying the information from Florian Plettenberg on Sky Sports, presenter Tom White said: “There’s some big developing news coming to us from Sky in Germany, Florian Plettenberg is reporting this.

“Bayern bosses are on their way to London right now to meet with Daniel Levy, these bosses by the way are [Jan-Christian] Dreesen and [Marco] Neppe.

“Neppe’s arrived at the airport just a few seconds ago apparently. We’re told that they’ve got a very good and respectful relationship with Daniel Levy and these negotiations are set to last for a few days.

“But, at the same time, Bayern want this deal finalized in the next few days, they want it done this week and [Harry] Kane is just waiting to see if the two clubs can come to an agreement.”

Bayern and Tottenham will both hope their latest meeting can offer some positive steps over Kane’s future.

Whether they hope those next steps are the same is another matter.

Levy has already made it clear that if Kane is to leave, he’s going to extract as much money as possible from a deal as ideally, he doesn’t want to sell.

Bayern must have had some encouragement to suggest a transfer is possible otherwise they wouldn’t be pushing so hard.

All eyes are now on whether the German club make a third bid and whether Spurs will accept it

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