Baltimore Orioles offer a massive trade package new star starting pitcher landing tomorrow

Baltimore Orioles offer a massive trade package new star starting pitcher landing tomorrow

Baltimore Orioles Could Offer Insane Trade Package for Star Pitcher



The Baltimore Orioles could offer a massive trade package to land a star starting pitcher.




The Baltimore Orioles are entering the 2024 MLB trade deadline in a perfect position. Already a serious World Series contender, the Orioles do not have to make a move in order to compete.


Instead, they can focus on shopping for the right deals that make sense for both their present and future.


Baltimore has an elite offense capable of scoring massive amounts of runs. They have power and consistency and have shown no sign of slowing down.


As for their pitching, they have a strong rotation and bullpen. However, they could use another starting arm and also would love to add bullpen help if they find a deal that makes sense.


One starting pitcher that the Orioles have been connected to quite often is Chicago White Sox star Garrett Crochet. He has future contract control and has put together a strong showing this season.


MLB insider Ken Rosenthal has suggested pieces that might be involved in a trade package that would send Crochet to Baltimore.


He thinks names like Coby Mayo and Connor Norby could be involved. Mayo is the No. 3 prospect for Baltimore, while Norby is ranked No. 5.


“For Garrett Crochet, the White Sox will want prospects such as [Coby] Mayo and second baseman Connor Norby, not veterans in arbitration.”


Would that kind of price tag be worth it to acquire a 25-year-old starter who would fit the team’s long-term outlook and help them compete for a championship now? More than likely, it would be something that the Orioles would be interested in. They’re not far away from a championship.


During the 2024 season thus far, Crochet has started in 19 games. He has compiled a 6-6 record to go along with a 3.08 ERA, a 0.97 WHIP, a 6.3 K/BB ratio, and he has completed 105.1 innings.


Those numbers on a bad team would likely be much better with Baltimore. He would have a lot more run support with the Orioles.


Baltimore would not consider parting ways with their elite talent for a player on an expiring contract. Crochet has multiple years left on his deal.


Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a lot of smoke surrounding Crochet and the Orioles. Where there is so much smoke, there could very well be a fire.


Expect to continue hearing more rumors about Baltimore as the deadline draws closer. Crochet is a name to keep a very close eye on.

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