Baltimore Orioles Finally Acquire Superstar Pitcher For $20M in Bold Trade Proposal

Baltimore Orioles Finally Acquire Superstar Pitcher For $20M in Bold Trade Proposal

  1. Baltimore Orioles Acquire Superstar Pitcher in Bold Trade Proposal



As the 2024 MLB trade deadline looms ahead of teams later this month, the Baltimore Orioles have been rumored to be one of the most active teams looking to make roster improvements.


Over the last few weeks, the Orioles have been linked to quite a few different potential targets.


While a lot of different names have been mentioned, there are a couple of positions that have been most linked. Those positions are starting pitcher, relief pitcher, and outfielder.


Acquiring another starting pitcher would be huge for the rotation. They have a good rotation, but have been plagued by injuries this season. Heading towards the postseason, they could stand to have another consistent arm.


Bleacher Report has suggested a major trade idea that would land Baltimore a superstar starter. His name is none other than Texas Rangers starter Max Scherzer.


Here is the trade that they suggested between the Orioles and Rangers:


Baltimore Orioles Receive: RHP Max Scherzer and RHP Josh Stephan (Double-A prospect, not top 10 in Rangers farm system)


Texas Rangers Receive: RHP Félix Bautista


Going out and acquiring a pitcher like Scherzer would boost Baltimore’s championship chances immensely. He would immediately give them another ace caliber leader for the rotation.


So far during the 2024 season, Scherzer has only started two games after getting back to full health. He has compiled a 1-1 record to go along with a 1.74 ERA, a 0.68 WHIP, and eight strikeouts in 10.1 innings.


At 39 years old, Scherzer would bring important experience to a young Orioles team. Giving up Bautista would not impact anything about Baltimore’s chances this season.


Why would Texas give up Scherzer? Arguably their biggest issue heading into the offseason will be finding a legitimate closer. That would be where Bautista fits in with future contract control and a 2023 resume of 33 saves and only six blown saves.


Both teams would fix issues with this trade. For the Orioles, it would be an immediate win now move.


All of that being said, this is just an idea and not a report that they’re interested in Scherzer. But, if they’re looking to acquire an impact starter, Scherzer would be a quality option.


It will be interesting to see what Baltimore does over the next few weeks. They’re looking the part of a legitimate contender and getting aggressive now would make sense.

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