BAD DAY FOR DAK: Dak Prescott has been fired and sacked by the colt for fraud…..

Sickening,” Jones told a gaggle of media outside the visiting locker room, the word “sick” recurring six more times in a 2-minute span of Jones’ remarks.


Players in his locker room were sick, Jones said, an assertion seemingly confirmed by their tears, towel-covered faces and distant stares.


“Hundreds of thousands of Cowboys fans,” Jones continued, were sick — a sentiment Twitter mentions confirmed in spades.


Head coach Mike McCarthy was sick with disappointment. Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse, too, slow to leave the sideline bench postgame as he struggled to process a season suddenly snapped, what he felt was a winnable game assuredly lost.

Take the 16-game win streak at AT&T Stadium, add leading the NFL in scoring for the second time in three seasons then mix in the collapse of the Philadelphia Eagles — they combine to signify one thing to Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy:


In recent days, rumors have intensified about the departure of quarterback Dak Prescott from the Dallas Cowboys. So far, all signs indicate that he will change teams at the end of his contract, which concludes at the end of the 2024 season. And why shouldn’t he? If the Cowboys don’t extend, Prescott could very well be another team’s treasure.

According to insider Nick Wright from Fox Sports, Prescott could potentially move to the New England Patriots, who have kept adrift in recent years at the quarterback position. Mac Jones, who they drafted in the first round of the 2021 Draft had a great rookie year, but didn’t exactly shine after that. They currently have the number three pick in the 2024 Draft and are expected to draft one of the top quarterbacks.

All this talk stems from the fact that Prescott has still not entered into negotiations for a contract extension with the NFC East franchise. That immediately set the tone for analyzing the different scenarios and options to consider for Prescott’s future.

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