‘Backwards’: Spurs star fires Conte dig after key Postecoglou change

As he unveils a crucial Ange Postecoglou adjustment at Tottenham, Dejan Kulusevski pokes fun at Antonio Conte.

The winger has emphasized how much Postecoglou’s presence has enhanced the atmosphere at Tottenham.

Dejan Kulusevski thinks that since Ange Postecoglou introduced his entertaining style of football to the club, Tottenham players have found it “easier” to train.

Spurs have had a successful start to the season, sitting second in the Premier League table after accumulating ten points from their first four games. Only Brighton has scored more goals in the League than they have thus far.

After last season’s troubles under Antonio Conte, Cristian Stellini, and ultimately Ryan Mason, Postecoglou has made an instant impact at the club and has contributed to improving the atmosphere.

With the exception of a heartbreaking Carabao Cup defeat at the hands of Fulham, the Australian was clear when he initially arrived at Tottenham that he wanted to excite the fans, and he has thus far kept that promise.

When Kulusevski pointed out that the players are now instructed to “run forward and not backwards,” he was criticizing Conte’s techniques and revealing how effective the training sessions had been under Postecoglou.

While representing Sweden internationally, Kulusevski said Fotbollskanalen, “We had a difficult time at the end of last season.”

“[Postecoglou] came in with a lot of good enthusiasm, and it went by quickly. Naturally, we are all a little taken aback. He’s extremely talented, though.

“Everyone wants to play this manner since we are a young team. Though it was something entirely different, I’m not suggesting what we did before was wholly incorrect.

“I believe it is simpler to attend practice every day knowing that you should play with the ball, attack, and run forward rather than backward. Therefore, it is evident that all of us players have tried our best to listen as much as we can.

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