Auston Matthews announcement that he’s Leaving Maple Leafs today’ another significant issue for the team

Auston Matthews announcement that he's Leaving Maple Leafs today' another significant issue for the team

What’s at Stake in the NHL: Will Leafs rest Auston Matthews or let him try for 70 goals?









Welcome to the April leg of the 2023-24 NHL regular season. At this point in the calendar, the stakes are elevated. We’re starting to see teams clinch playoff spots. Players are hitting milestones. There’s seemingly something on the line every night.

So what’s at stake during the four-game slate of action on Wednesday, April 17?

– The Toronto Maple Leafs are now locked into a first-round matchup with the Boston Bruins, but they still have some milestones to shoot for, assuming they don’t rest their top players. Superstar Auston Matthews sits at 69 goals and will have one final chance to become the NHL’s first 70-goal scorer since 1992-93 if he suits up. If William Nylander collects three points against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Leafs will have two players with 100 points in the same season for the first time in their 106-year history.

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