‘At the moment’: Les Ferdinand says striker Spurs sold for £8m was better than Heung-Min Son

On the No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast, Les Ferdinand, Tim Sherwood, and Sam Allardyce have been attempting to assemble the ideal Tottenham Premier League XI.

The three analysts were given the unpleasant task of selecting the top XI Spurs players from the last 30 years and assembling them into a single team.

Some players, like Harry Kane, chose their own positions, but other choices were considerably trickier.

It was difficult to choose a second striker for this team, but Heung-Min Son didn’t even come up for discussion.

The South Korean was mentioned, but Les Ferdinand quickly shot it down, arguing that Teddy Sheringham, Robbie Keane, and Jermain Defoe were three stronger contenders. Defoe ultimately received the job.

Defoe over Son

Ferdinand decided who would be Kane’s teammate in this lineup.

We must mention Son, Sherwood insisted.

“That would be insignificant in comparison to them right now. Although I believe he is a good player, I do not currently rank him higher than Defoe, Keane, or Sheringham. He scores impressive goals, but I don’t classify him in that category, stated Ferdinand.


Heung-Min Son is being incredibly undervalued in this discussion, in our opinion.

Yes, we love Defoe as a player just as much as the next person, but Son has achieved both whereas Defoe has yet to win the Premier League Golden Boot or have a season with 20 goals.

Son, who is presently the club captain, has also scored significant goals for Tottenham in the Champions League.

Defoe was a legendary player for Spurs who had two amazing stints with the club before leaving for Toronto FC for £8 million, but Son, in our opinion, has to win this one.


Player Tottenham released for free now told he can replace Arsenal star Bukayo Saka

Marcus Edwards, a former player for Tottenham Hotspur, has recently received support to join the England team in place of Arsenal star Bukayo Saka.

The gifted 24-year-old progressed through Spurs’ ranks, but he simply wasn’t given enough chances at the top level. In the summer of 2019, he was discharged after only one appearance.

Edwards is now well-known.

Tottenham old-boy Marcus Edwards now backed to replace Arsenal star Bukayo Saka


Marcus Edwards was an extremely good footballer who should have succeeded at Tottenham.

The now 24-year-old had an absolutely amazing campaign for Sporting Lisbon last year, scoring 12 goals and dishing out 14 assists across all competitions.

Edwards’ potential is well known throughout Portugal, and it won’t be long until he transfers to a league with a far higher standard of play.

It must not be too long before he receives an international call-up, but the Arsenal star Bukayo Saka has claimed the right flank position for the England team, which presents a challenge for him.

Edwards was acquired by Vitoria Guimaraes on a free transfer from Tottenham in 2019, and Carlos Freitas, who was the club’s sporting director at the time, is still a huge admirer of the winger and has backed him to succeed Saka.

He said to A Bola: “He has the traits and capacity for this. He may be a crucial player because of his strengths in one-on-one situations and his strength in cramped quarters.

I envision him, for instance, replacing Bukayo Saka, who is more explosive, gains from playing for a team like Arsenal, but is also not a consistent performer throughout the season.

Arsenal player Bukayo Saka is the best right-winger in the world outside Lionel Messi and Mo Salah.

Since making his debut for the Gunners, the Englishman has been outstanding, and he is possibly their greatest player at the moment.

Edwards is a capable attacker, but Saka is simply better than him. We don’t think he’ll ever pose a danger to the Arsenal player’s position in the England system, but he does have the ability to get better.

If/when Edwards leaves Sporting, it will be intriguing to watch how he performs in a league with greater competition.

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