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Aston Villa set for signing announcement ‘in next few hours’ after reaching agreement

Pau Torres moving to the Premier League has been a rumour for years, with the defender himself never really seeming keen to leave Villarreal.

Tottenham Hotspur were seriously interested for a while, but the Spaniard wouldn’t kick up a fuss with the club to lower his price, and that was that.

Given his contract expires in June 2024, this summer was always going to be key and that gave Aston Villa the chance to step in and find an agreement below Torres’ €60m clause.

Even then, it was made clear in Spain that the player was in no rush to make his mind up and would give himself a few weeks to consider his options.

Aston Villa clearly weren’t on the same page and have managed to hurry a decision out of Torres, who is one the verge of being announced as the club’s latest signing.

El Periódico Mediterráneo report that the deal is done and Unai Emery’s side will announce the move ‘in the next few hours’.

They put the value of the transfer at about €40m, likely including bonuses.

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