Ange Postecoglou issued dressing room rollicking as Tottenham duo warned over conduct

Ange Postecoglou’s desire to improve standards is a real differentiator, and he showed this during preseason, which has had an instant impact at Tottenham.


Tottenham’s culture has been reset by Ange Postecoglou, but doing so required him to hold certain people—Yves Bissouma for example—higher than others.

Although the Australian wasn’t the overwhelming favorite to succeed Antonio Conte back in the summer, he moved to the south after a fruitful stint with Celtic and has already set a record with Tottenham leading the way in north London.

The preseason saw the start of Postecoglou’s standard driving when Bissouma, a big summer signing who saw little action from Conte, arrived late for a training session. The Tottenham manager expressed his expectation that a player who he considered a future leader would perform far better.

He had previously made a statement in public before. One participant reportedly made offensive remarks to a medical staff member, according to The Evening Standard. Postecoglou took offense at that and ripped into the player in front of the team.

In addition, he hates being late and keeps strict time. Players now meet on the day of a game rather than having to spend the night at the training ground as they did under previous regimes.

With their playing style and mentality, Tottenham has looked like a completely different team thanks to all these values—at least in the first few weeks of the season, anyway—than what supporters have been accustomed to in previous years. Still, Postecoglou believes there is a lot of space for improvement on the field.

We still need to improve in every aspect, as he stated earlier this week. We currently excel in certain areas, especially in relation to the game’s defense. We have, in my opinion, performed admirably and consistently there.

“We won the game, 2-0 over Fulham, on Monday night, and I stated that after the game. to put in a lot of effort, put pressure on the opposition, and be steadfast in your discipline and commitment to making them make mistakes. For me, that’s been really wonderful and satisfying.

“I still believe that our main development will occur on the offensive side of the game. It’s not surprising, in my opinion, that many of our movements—especially in the front third—remain far from being fluid and natural as we would like. However, the fact that we have excellent quality up there is what is helping us achieve our goals. However, I continue to believe that our attacking side of the game will see the most improvement.”

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