Ange has pulled off yet another masterstroke at Tottenham as Midas touch continues

With a return to the top of the Premier League standings and an undefeated record in the top flight, Tottenham Hotspur is still flying high.

Since grabbing the Spurs by the reins, Ange Postecoglou has executed some brilliant plays, and judging by what we witnessed on Monday, he has already produced another.

In the summer, there were rumors that Hojbjerg might leave Tottenham for teams like Manchester United, Atletico Madrid, and Fulham.

Nevertheless, the Denmark international chose to remain at Spurs, where he has made nine appearances so far this season.

In a news conference last week, Postecoglou disclosed that Hojbjerg had informed him that he wished to remain in his current position and contribute to the incoming Tottenham manager’s endeavors.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg “really important” for Tottenham

He told, “The conversations I had with him were that he was here and wanted to contribute, he wanted to be part of what we were building.”

“It is certain that someone who performs frequently would have desired to play more, but in the end, our shows have been excellent, so he has had to wait his turn.

In many of the games that we have needed to shore up late or that we have won late, he has also been crucial.

It’s not like he hasn’t contributed at all; he has been one of the persons who has assisted us in completing the task. He has played a crucial role in our group.

Hojbjerg was there to play Son Heung-min for the first time by catching a fumbled pass from Calvin Bassey.

It’s all up to Postecoglou—who not only persuaded Hojbjerg to stay, but also kept him inspired, publicly praised him, and gave him excellent training—that he put on such a fantastic show against Fulham.

In the Premier League these days, depth is more crucial than ever, and excellent man-management is required to maintain both large and high-caliber squads.

Along with many other outstanding qualities, Postecoglou has demonstrated this, which has helped Spurs win the league and play fantastic football.

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