Ange could unearth Spurs’ own Julian Alvarez by unleashing “ridiculous” teen finisher – opinion

By sending their “ridiculous” adolescent forward, the Lilywhites could find their own Julian Alvarez.

Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham Hotspur team has already advanced significantly under his leadership, and he has loftier goals than simply getting his new team back into Europe.

After all, the Australian himself told his supporters to enjoy their early-season success and if their goals should wander, that was fine: “No, no, no, let them go, let them enjoy it. I’ve said it before, but it’s not my job to pop people’s balloons. The pleasure of being a fan is letting them get carried away and excited.

They have already endured enough suffering; let them enjoy themselves. If they expect us to be world-beating great, it is our responsibility to live up to their hopes. Our fans deserve to be happy, and they are free to do it however they please.

It remains to be seen how far the former Celtic manager can take the team with each passing transfer window despite a promising start to the Premier League season, helped by a 2-2 draw with Arsenal despite Harry Kane’s departure in the summer.

The 30-year-old Bayern Munich player will be looked to as the man to imitate with all of the potential they currently have in their program, especially the amount of talent, given how legendary his performances are today throughout north London.

Mikey Moore has already demonstrated enough in the early phases of his career to suggest that he could be the next big thing to explode onto the scene in N17, even though one name in particular may be very young and raw.

Who is Mikey Moore?

It may seem unusual to be highlighting the talent of such a young person as a forward who is already a star for the U18s at the age of 16.

The fact that he can perform at a level years above his actual age raises the possibility that he will quickly show to be too talented for academy football and in need of some senior minutes.

He has one goal and two assists in just three U18 Premier League games this season, which is undoubtedly indicative of his present form.

It must be noted that he must easily beat his seven goal contributions from the previous season, when he was just 15 years old, over just ten games at the same level.

Despite frequently playing as the central striker, Moore definitely possesses a special talent and is more than just a goalscorer.

Given the accolades given to the Argentine for his always changing role under Pep Guardiola, it is this intriguing ability to enter the game and direct the play that might even prompt comparisons to Julian Alvarez of Manchester City.

He was highlighted for special attention by renowned journalist Alasdair Gold before the semester even started, who wrote: “He’s versatile and can play up front, in midfield, or out on the left, and has already scored in Spurs U18s’ north London derby win last month, during which he played in the central attacking role in the team’s 4-3-3.”

In addition to the enticing numbers he is showing, the teenager also more than passes the sight test, which is perhaps what has many people swooning over him even more. His small physique gives him a wonderful sense of balance, and he is swift when driving at defenses and silky on the ball. He also has enough power to ride tackles against opponents who are much older than he is.

When Moore scored twice against Charlton in 2022, Spurs expert John Wenham expressed his admiration for him to Football Insider, saying, “Mikey Moore is someone I said I will be talking about a lot more. Additionally, one of the aims was just absurd. As a 15-year-old who gets chosen to play at a higher level and makes a significant contribution in those games, he is on such a promising trajectory.

It won’t take long before Spurs supporters are used to hearing his name throughout the stadium despite having a small frame and a skill set that implies he could play anywhere across the front line…

How good is Julian Alvarez?

Posteoglou could undoubtedly be pleased to acquire someone of that caliber if he were to achieve the same heights as Alvarez, who shares his versatility and slick playing style that has attracted attention.

After all, the World Cup champion contributed to five goals in five Premier League games and scored a brace as they began their Champions League title defense in midweek, more than compensating for the significant loss that Kevin De Bruyne’s injury was expected to cause.

All indications are that the kid will easily surpass his 17-goal total from all competitions last year, when he scored several crucial goals to assist them in winning an unheard-of treble.

Guardiola was quick to applaud the 23-year-old’s clever placement in the position, which sounds like one Moore would also excel in: “He is very young. What a great acquisition the team made. He is strong, scores goals, and provides assists. Wonderful, amazing person. He poses a serious threat when he is playing behind Erling. I’m really happy for him because he deserves it.

His development into one of the most productive and intriguing forwards in the division is astonishing, especially considering the Citizens only paid £14 million for his services in 2022. However, the Lilywhites could potentially surpass that performance.

After all, Moore was even mentioned as one of their top talents by former Lilywhites youth coach Yaya Toure in July, saying: “Yeah, certainly. Best-in-class U16s Mikey Moore and Callum Olusesi frequently played with the 18s despite being only 16 years old. I believe Tottenham can resurrect the academy in a few years much like Arsenal did with Saka and Smith-Rowe. That is the strategy and the goal.

The Englishman might assist in replicating Alvarez’s success and guiding Spurs back to the pinnacle of English football if they are successful in perfecting Moore’s journey through the academy and into the first team, possibly to shine alongside James Maddison as a pair of creative goal threats.

The future is rather uncertain while he is still so young because a variety of things could prevent his development. Postecoglou now has the responsibility of unlocking the clear, bright light that is hidden behind the mist.

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