‘Am I mad’: Graham Roberts can’t believe what he’s hearing on Sky on Tottenham VAR drama now

The VAR controversy between Tottenham and Liverpool appears to never end!

The Luis Diaz goal that wouldn’t stop making headlines on Tuesday is still making news, and neither Liverpool nor the media are likely to stop until they get satisfactory answers. In the midst of the controversy, the player himself issued a two-word Instagram message.

Graham Roberts, a former player for Tottenham, turned on Sky Sports but couldn’t believe what he was hearing since it seemed like some were suggesting that the weekend match should be “replayed.”

Graham Roberts is now tearing out his hair about it, asking on Twitter, “Am I going crazy?” while pleading with all parties concerned to “move on.”

Well, it should be very clear that Liverpool won’t be doing that because they want explanations, first and foremost in the form of the public release of the VAR tapes of the Luis Diaz decision.

However, much has been made about this issue in the interim, and you may even expect it to make an appearance this weekend.

Tottenham-Liverpool replay?

Roberts questioned whether he was still sane after listening to Sky Sports News. “Yes, the officials made a mistake with the goal on Saturday.

“The farewells were appropriate. They are now suggesting that we rerun the match as a joke. Given that Wolves were not awarded a penalty, should Man Utd v. Wolves be replayed? Everyone should move forward.

A replay would never happen

Anyone who suggests that a rerun is likely is completely insane since that would only start a whole other can of worms.

Then, every team throughout the nation would speak up and request that specific games be replayed. Everyone has been in the situation that Liverpool is currently in.

Until the dialogue between those in the VAR hotseat and the on-field referee is made public, this fallout will just keep happening.

In this way, viewers can decide for themselves how everything turned out.


Tottenham is currently having a great season both on and off the field, and it appears like things are running smoothly too.

For the first time in a while, according to Fabrizio Romano, there is a really strong synergy between Daniel Levy and Ange Postecoglou behind the scenes, and this has influenced the recruitment strategy at the north London club.

Brennan Johnson was one of the most well-known acquisitions Spurs made this summer, and according to Romano, who was speaking on The Debrief, the Welshman has adapted quickly to life at Spurs.

Johnson has reportedly been crushing it in training recently, which is another reason why Spurs believe he might be a future star, according to Romano.

Johnson doing brilliantly

Romano revealed his knowledge of Johnson.

“I think what they need this summer is a very clear strategy; they didn’t sell Harry Kane to Bayern Munich out of a fit of fright, in my opinion. Although Daniel Levy tried desperately to keep him, it was impossible. It was a difficult choice. The crucial thing to note here is that they chose a different course of action in their decision-making process with the boss. The wisest course of action would be to look for a different type of player if a suitable number nine wasn’t available, which is what they did when they signed Brennan Johnson.

Brennan Johnson had a minor injury, but overall he has been performing extremely well in training sessions, and they are certain they signed a significant player for the present and future, as I can tell you. They are also very delighted with the impact of their current group.


Hearing about the young attacker is really exciting.

Obviously, game performances are the most crucial factor, but if you’re excelling in Ange Postecoglou’s training, you must possess a certain quality.

The Australian’s training regimens are not easy, but if Johnson is doing well under these conditions, he may turn out to be a star for Tottenham in the future.

The 22-year-old is undoubtedly a player about whom Spurs supporters should be thrilled.

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