“already being talked about” – Manchester United urged to make move for ‘world class’ Tottenham man

Manager Erik ten Hag of Manchester United is under pressure following the team’s stormy Premier League debut.

After dropping five of its 11 games, the team is currently in eighth place.Erik ten Hag is under increasing pressure due to ongoing issues both on and off the field.

He has had disagreements with both Jadon Sancho and Ronaldo during his brief tenure at United. In addition, he removed Harry Maguire’s captaincy.

This implies that things may not be going well between the players and the relationship. Ten Hag also recently stated that he doesn’t think Manchester United’s players will emulate the playing style of his old team, Ajax, because he doesn’t think they have the right kind of players.

Tottenham Hotspur, on the other hand, has had a fantastic start to the season under Ange Postecoglou’s leadership.

With each player giving their all, the team is undefeated in the league.

Postecoglou has had a positive impact both on and off the field, and the team’s performances have improved the environment around the squad.

There have been rumors that Ange would make a fantastic manager for a different elite team in the future, demonstrating the impact he has made.

Some, like Miguel Delaney, think Manchester United ought to think about Ten Hag’s eventual replacement in Postecoglou.

Postecoglou is already being discussed in football circles as a potential manager at United, according to Delaney, who called him “world-class.”

In his Independent column, Delaney wrote:

“Big-club experience is obviously important at that level, but it says a lot that Manchester United should consider Postecoglou in the future based on the conversation that is already occurring during the game.”

TBH Stated:

Ange is committed to his project with Tottenham, which he has just begun. What he has accomplished in a matter of months has been astounding.

He is adored by the board, the players, and the fans.

We highly doubt that he will move on to play for another Premier League team, even if he does.

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