Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Football is Going Through a Very Serious Attrition Right Now.

Former Alabama defensive standouts question the Tide players’ “commitment” when they accessed the transfer portal.

Coaches have departed, players are using the transfer portal to explore other possibilities, and recruiters have retracted their commitments.

After 17 years of dependable leadership at the University of Alabama, Nick Saban announced last week that he was retiring from coaching. Since then, all of this has occurred. The Crimson Tide has several key players, but Kalen DeBoer, their new head coach, has gone to work putting together a staff and keeping certain guys on the field. Two defensive standouts from Alabama’s Saban era questioned the “commitment” of players who used the NCAA transfer site, inciting outrage among Tide supporters and excitement among rival supporters.

Under Coach Saban, two of the top edge rushers were Courtney Upshaw and Tim Williams.

Both were national champions and caused quarterbacks and running backs to live in misery. Williams questions if the players were ever truly committed to Alabama, while Upshaw claims that they are now only interested in chasing the purse.

Upshaw and Williams had a strong commitment to Alabama football’s heritage, pageantry, history, and culture.

Their goal was to elevate the Crimson Tide to the status of a national championship program. But the sport’s priorities are now different. Today’s athletes attend school in search of the greatest NIL chances. Recruits will not find your program as appealing to attend if you lack financial plenty. When the smoke clears, hopefully Alabama will have what it needs.

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