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‘A***holes’: West Ham fan tells Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher what she thought about them

A West Ham fan frankly told Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher she thought they were “a right pair of a***holes”.

Prior to the Hammers’ Friday Night Football matchup with Luton Town at Kenilworth Road, the Sky Sports duo had a good time mingling with the visiting supporters.

For obvious reasons, one of their interviews didn’t end up airing, but Neville later released a clip of it for his 1.7 million Instagram followers to enjoy.

He and Carragher had approached a female West Ham supporter who brazenly said: “I used to think yous were a pair of right a***holes!”

Then a young person behind her said, “He still is!” But after watching your program with Roy Keane, I think it’s wonderful, the woman continued.


“Even Roy Keane, I now think differently of him. Just goes to demonstrate that you’re a real person. You’re entertaining.

Neville and Carragher responded to the remarks with humor, making spectators laugh. “You can’t change everyone’s mind,” the former captioned his post.[laughing emoji].”

One of the people who thought the footage amusing in the comments area was their Monday Night Football coworker Karen Carney. TV host Carol Vorderman also responded with laughing emojis.

Another fan of the Hammers penned: “I’m very proud that they represent my football club.”

While one teased: “She was right the first time.”

“You’re a good sport Gaz,” argued a third, before a fourth echoed: “Gary you’re a top man.” And a fifth added: “Obvs was never a fan too Nev (LFC Fan) but you and Carra are ace together.”



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