‘Absolute Class’- Jude Bellingham reacts to Spurs star’s outstanding performance against Arsenal

James Maddison’s performance in the North London Derby left Jude Bellingham impressed, and the Real Madrid player praised his England teammate on social media.

At the Emirates, Maddison served as Tottenham’s creative hub once more, with the majority of their effective plays going via him.

The England international consistently attempted to move forward and frequently dropped deep to collect the ball. He once again made a significant contribution in the final third by assisting Son Heung-min on both of his goals.

Jude Bellingham is a big fan of James Maddison

The discussion over who the superior player was between him and Martin Odegaard (Sky Sports) was intense among commentators prior to the game, and the 26-year-old undoubtedly prevailed on Sunday by significantly having more impact on the game than the Arsenal midfielder.

Bellingham left the ‘class’ comment on the former Leicester City player’s Instagram image, suggesting that he liked what he saw from him. Pedro Porro, who made an impression at the Emirates as well, commented on Maddison’s post with the word “baller.”

It’s clear that Maddison and Bellingham get along well. That should come as no surprise given that they both have personalities that are laid-back and fun-loving off the field but fiercely competitive and determined when they step onto it.


Tottenham willing to offer €40 million for Brazilian defender.

Tottenham is prepared to make a bid for Gleison Bremer.

Tottenham Hotspur is prepared to make a bid for the services of Gleison Bremer, a 26-year-old Juventus defender.

Fichajes claims that Tottenham Hotspur are interested in adding Gleison Bremer to their team. The 26-year-old Juventus player is in Ange Postecoglou’s sights as he looks to strengthen his defense.

Last season, Spurs struggled defensively, and Postecoglou has been searching for players to bolster his defense ever since he joined the team. He has already made several solid additions to their defense, and he is currently interested in signing a top-tier center-back. And the Australian manager thinks Bremer may work for his group.

The 26-year-old gained notoriety while with Italian team Torino. He developed steadily throughout the course of his four years at the club, turning up some noteworthy performances.

While Juventus was interested in signing him last summer, his performances weren’t ignored. Since joining the Italian gains, the Brazilian international has become an immediate success. He has already made 48 appearances and assisted on six goals.

Bremer has four years left on his contract with the club and is a regular member of Massimiliano Allegri’s starting lineup. However, considering the level of demand for his skills, the 26-year-old might be moving soon.

One of the teams that is eager to have him join their ranks is Tottenham Hotspur. To enhance their new endeavor under the Australian coach, the London club is trying to bolster their defense. Postecoglou has had a wonderful start at Spurs, and he is eager to move forward by bringing in more quality.

The 26-year-old international from Brazil is a key member of Juventus’ first squad, and they won’t easily let him go. Because of this, Tottenham is prepared to make the former Torino defender available for more than €40 million.

The London club is not the only organization interested in hiring him, though. A couple more elite clubs are also interested in hiring him. They will also undoubtedly make life difficult for Tottenham. Spurs want to make sure they can finalize a deal as quickly as possible since other teams are interested.

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