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14th-highest paid athlete in the world joins Leeds United, 49ers investment group – Report

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Another figure has been added to the 49ers Enterprises investment group taking over at Leeds United this week, with NBA star Russell Westbrook now involved.

Following their approved takeover of the club back in early June, the Whites are still waiting for the EFL to approve the 49ers Enterprises.

Since that time, the club has been waiting patiently for the transfer market to open up for business. Since that time, there has been nothing from the club on the subject.

Russell Westbrook to join Leeds’ investment structure

With NBA great Russell Westbrook of the LA Clippers reportedly investing, it has now been revealed that another prominent sports figure has joined the 49ers Enterprises’ investment in Leeds.

In 2023, Westbrook will rank as the 14th most paid athlete in the world, earning more than Erling Haaland, Mo Salah, Anthony Joshua, and Tiger Woods combined from on- and off-field earnings.

According to reports, Westbrook makes $82.1 million in total revenue per year.

Westbrook had this to say on his decision to invest in the Whites:

“I was lucky enough to have conversations with some of the partners in this deal, who already have ownership, the 49ers.

“So I was lucky enough to talk through that with friends, talking with my business partner as well about different things and having conversations, figuring out if this was the right deal and how we could make it different.”

Where will Leeds finish in 23/24?

The fact that so many well-known figures are eager to participate demonstrates that this takeover should lead us in the right way.

Even though Westbrook’s investment won’t even scratch the surface for a club of our status, having such a famous name associated with the team can only be a good thing.

All that is left for us to move on with on-field operations is for the club to receive approval from the EFL to complete this takeover.

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