ūüéČ CONGRATULATIONSūüéČ Christian Wood And Ex Girlfriend Welcome A Set Of Twins After a………

ūüéČ CONGRATULATIONSūüéČ Christian Wood And Wife Welcome A Set Of Twins After a.........

Christian Wood Hires Private Investigator After IG Model Ex-Girlfriend Evades Restraining Order


Los Angeles Lakers star Christian Wood has been struggling to serve his ex-girlfriend, Instagram model Yasmine Lopez, with a temporary restraining order. So he hired a private investigator to help.


The restraining order was granted to Wood a few weeks ago after he claimed Lopez and her friends trespassed at his home in California by climbing a fence on February 23, 2024. After gaining access to the property she allegedly scratched the hood and doors of his Mercedes.



The allegations are all laid out in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports ‚Ķ with the 28-year-old hooper accusing Yasmine Lopez ‚ÄĒ who boasts more than a million followers on social media ‚ÄĒ of causing not only mental and emotional stress, but also financial damage to his valuable property.


Christian Wood also claimed that Lopez got into another one of his cars, opened the front gate, and walked around his yard.


Neighbors who spotted the woman Wood claims was Lopez on his property called the police and had her arrested.


He also stated in his court filing that Yasmine Lopez allegedly spray-painted his Lamborghini in January of 2023. Plus, he added, in August of 2023, Lopez allegedly broke into his home and destroyed his property including statues, glass and vases.


He believes she has been using the NBA schedule to stalk him and determine when he is or isn’t home.


Wood, however, has not been able to serve Lopez the restraining order, which expires on March 20th.


As a result, according to court documents obtained by, the Christian Wood hired a private investigator to try and track her down.


A hearing to determine whether to make the restraining order permanent has already been set by the court, but Wood has to serve Lopez with the temporary restraining order before that can happen.


The PI said he drove out to Lopez‚Äô alleged personal residence in Porter Ranch, California. However, he said there was no car in the driveway and the home ‚Äúappeared vacant with lights off and no activity within the residence.‚ÄĚ


The private investigator said he ran a search and found a new address for Lopez in North Carolina. He said that based on his research, Lopez ‚Äúis a social media influencer and model who travels extensively and this case would require far more investigative research and possible surveillance of known locations where respondent visits in order to effect personal service.‚ÄĚ


Yasmine Lopez, who has over 1.9 million followers on Instagram, shares a 8-month-old child with Wood. Wood has told the court that he wants joint legal custody and primary physical custody of their son.


He is currently out for the season with a knee injury.


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